Malaria on upswing in Chongwe district.


Chongwe District Health Management Team (DHMT) has disclosed that Malaria cases are on the upswing in the District with 734 cases being recorded in January 2014.
DHMT Focal Point Person Mable Changala disclosed the development at the commemoration of International Women’s Day held at Chongwe Basic School in Chongwe District.

Changala warned that incidences of the disease are on the increase in the district and advised people to take preventive and control measures seriously.

“We have recorded 734 cases of malaria in January and February figures are also high. We have to take malaria serious and try and control it.” she said.

She deplored Chongwe residents for refusing to spray their homes as it is one of the most effective malaria control methods in addition to mosquito nets and treatment arising from diagnosis.

She said DHMT will soon intensify distribution of treated mosquito nets and she further advised people to sleep under treated nets.

Recently Health Minister Joseph Kasonde acknowledged that malaria is a serious problem in the country that needs concerted efforts to curb it.

Dr Kasonde said government would revisit the existing strategies of combating malaria with a view of curbing worsening incidences of the disease.

And Mrs Changala further urged Chongwe residents to ensure that girl children are vaccinated against the Human Papilloma Virus.

She said the DHMT will soon commence phase two of vaccinating young girls under 11 years in both schools and compounds, who have not reached the exposure period to prevent them from contracting cervical cancer.