Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) backs referendum for new constitution

Pukuta Mwanza
Pukuta Mwanza
Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director, Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, has observed that it will be more costly to abandon the constitution making process at such a crucial stage than going for a referendum.

Reacting to Republican Vice President Dr. Guy Scott who told Parliament last week that a referendum will cost Zambia double the amount of funds needed to hold a general election, Reverend Mwanza says so much money has already been spent on the constitution making process and that it will be unacceptable to abandon it now.

Reverend Mwanza says the same way the PF government has been sourcing for money to hold induced by-elections is the same way they should source for money to hold the referendum.

He has warned that the PF to be careful with the way the handle the constitution making process or it would cost them in 2016.

Reverend Mwanza says Zambian people are already frustrated by the delay in releasing the draft document.

Reverend Mwanza who could not hide his emotions has told QFM News in an interview that 2016 will not be easy for the PF going by the stance it has taken over the constitution.

And Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Board Chairperson, Bishop David Masupa has observed that Dr. Scott’s remarks on the referendum being costly are not motivating and shows that government is not eager to deliver the constitution.

Bishop Masupa says the PF government knew from the beginning that having a referendum will need money and wonders why government is now talking about the exercise being costly.

Bishop Masupa states that it is clear in the minds of the Zambian people that the only way to adopt the new constitution is through a referendum.