UNZA don castigates opposition MPs

Dr Alex Ng'oma, POLITICAL analyst , University of Zambia (UNZA) lecturer
Dr Alex Ng'oma, POLITICAL analyst , University of Zambia (UNZA) lecturer

POLITICAL analyst Alex Ng’oma has appealed to opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) to avoid sowing a seed of anarchy in the name of exercising their democratic right to push for the enactment of a new Constitution.
Dr Ng’oma, who is a University of Zambia (UNZA) lecturer, said opposition MPs should ensure they take full responsibility of their actions and the need for them to behave in a dignified manner befitting their status as lawmakers.
He said the country looked up to them to exhibit exemplary behaviour as they press for Government to give a roadmap for the enactment of the Constitution.
“MPs must be seen to be responsible in their conduct as the nation will hold them accountable for what they do.
“As members of the community, we are always watching to emulate what they are doing, so to avoid sowing seeds of anarchy in the country they must exercise their democratic right responsibly,” Dr Ngoma said.
He was reacting to the threat by opposition MPs to continue boycotting Parliamentary proceedings in the House until Government starts the process of enacting a new Constitution.
Last week the opposition MPs boycotted Parliamentary proceedings including the questions for oral answer sessions forcing most questions to lapse.
Dr Ng’oma said the stance taken by the MPs was a disservice to their constituencies as such they should avoid taking action that was detrimental to the areas that voted them into Parliament.
“While they choose to talk about the Constitution, there are other better avenues that the MPs can use as boycotts will not yield any results for them and their constituencies,” he said.
He said it was embarrassing that the MPs’ actions had compelled the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini to threaten them with the withdrawal of their allowance for them to stop interrupting the proceedings.
“The MPS should find a better way of pushing for the Constitution as it is their democratic right but the actions they take should be befitting their status of honourable people in society,” Dr Ngoma said.