Zamtel added to for international top up service

zamtel announces easier access to its international top up service due to the new countries and operators now available. added new mobile recharge operators for 8 different countries on 4 continents: +Movil Panama, Moldcell Moldova, Digicel Nauru, Digicel Samoa, Digicel Tonga, Digicel Vanuatu, Africell Sierra Leone and Zamtel in Zambia. customers can now send mobile credit internationally to cell phones pertaining to these networks, wherever they are.

International top ups to the range of new mobile operators on are the result of customer feedback. Six new countries have been added as mobile recharge destinations on Moldova, Nauru, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Tonga and Vanuatu. For the moment, only offers one top up operator for each, but network will expend according to customer requests.

The mobile recharge process takes less than 1 minute, purchase is comfortably available online. It can be easily accessed from different devices due to the design of the website.

Credit ordered is sent immediately, payment is made in easy steps within a highly secure environment is generally known for. Plus, all major payment methods are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Anyone holding a free account on has access to all order details and all invoices. Plus, for any query, the 24/7 Customer Service by chat and email is available in both English and Spanish. For independent users, a complex Help Center gives one the chance to find the right answer to one’s question. Plus, the Community page is an alternative to interact with employees and other customers for any support. As something new, the website addresses Italian speakers now besides Spanish and English speakers.

Promotions are listed on the homepage map as well as on the “Promotions” page. Each comes with details related to the dates and conditions of the promotions, as well as the type of bonus received.

Recharging a +Movil Panama mobile is now easy to make on +Movil Panama is part of +Movil network. One only needs to open an account and fill in the online form in less than a minute to send mobile credit immediately.

More South Pacific countries are now availble on as top up destinations. Digicel Nauru, Digicel Samoa, Digicel Tonga, Digicel Vanuatu are all part of Digicel Group Limited. The mobile phone network provider is now present in 31 markets across the Caribbean, Central America, and Oceania territories, having over 12.8 million customers. The company is renowned for delivering best value, best service and best network.

Recharges to Africa are newly possible to Africell Sierra Leone and Zamtel Zambia. Africell is the only top up operator for this country on The popular Africell is a subsidiary of Africell Holding company, operating not only in Sierra Leone, but also in Gambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo as well. A fast growing company, Africell reached over 3 million active subscribers only ten months after its launch in 2012. Zamtel Zambia is the second top up operator for Zambia on Recharges to Zambia can also be made to MTN mobiles through

Reviews about the service are pretty encouraging. One of the customers Simone Stuhler describes the service as “Excellent service! I recommend it to everyone who’s tired of complicated procedures required to send credit abroad. With everything goes fast and smooth! Best service so far, keep up the good work!” On, Mjka, another customer, says that “is very well organized and easy to navigate.” Darnley refers to it as fast: “The Transaction is Fast and Accurate !” While Shamshi points to its advantage when traveling and the immediate recharge: “It’s very helpful if you’re travelling outside your home country; it’s work very instantly.” Another customer qualifies it as a top service: “Awesomest site ever… used it several times… got the recharge within 5 mins every single time.”

More operators reflect more mobile recharge opportunities for customers. Plus, they determine business expansion for the company since they address specific segments of customers. is an affordable alternative for international mobile recharges. What differentiates it from the other services are the budget price of the international service offered, the frequent promotions, the simplified online recharge process, the fast credit transfer, and the high security of the transaction.

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