Zambian Breweries disturbed by ZAM,NAC squabbles over awards

Roberto with his double win at tonight's Zambian Music Awards
Roberto with his double win at tonight’s Zambian Music Awards

Zambian Breweries PLC,the Zambian Music awards corporate sponsors through the Mosi brand has expressed concern at the negative sentiments by some musicians on the recently held Music awards.

Corporate Affairs Director Luke Njovu says Zambian Breweries is saddened by the apparent differences between the Zambia Association of Musicians and the National Arts Council could if not properly managed begin to affect negatively the corporate image of the company.

Mr Njovu says while Zambian Breweries is genuinely committed to playing a meaningful role in raising the standard and image of Zambian music, it will not continue to do so to the detriment of its corporate and product brands.

He states that it is unfair to use the Zambian Music awards as a channel to highlight the existing differences between ZAM and NAC.

Mr Njovu says this is negatively impacting on the company’s brand, adding that a sponsorship property that negates the value of a corporate entity will attract scrutiny and evaluation.

He explains that Zambian Breweries’ partnership with the National Arts Council is aimed at giving the kind of credence and status to the music awards befitting of a national music awards program.

He adds that the company has no control over the mechanics and structure of the awards which is the jurisdiction of NAC.

Mr Njovu has since urged stakeholders in the music industry to resolve their differences amicably with the primary objective of building the industry.


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