Huawei Technologies Zambia gives K263, 000 to charitable organisations

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More effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes are needed to help struggling communities in Zambia, according to Huawei Technology Zambia.

Stanley Chyn, the company’s country director said CSR should not be a token gesture that fails to address underlying problems in society.

He was speaking at a presentation ceremony at which 29 of the country’s most deserving organisations received cheques worth a total of K263,000 in the latest donation made by a pioneering partnership between Huawei and the International Women’s Club of Lusaka (IWC).

Sick and orphaned children, hospices and artistic charities were among the beneficiaries of the charitable donations.

“Huawei and the International Women’s Club have developed a unique partnership that serves as a model for corporate philanthropy. Zambia needs more companies to follow our lead and take their responsibilities to society seriously,” said Chyn, who pledged to continue helping the underprivileged in society and praised the professionalism and good work of the IWC.

“Bringing together the talents and energy of the club with the corporate strength of Huawei has proved to be a win-win situation where the main beneficiaries are the numerous small charities that are working tirelessly on the ground to improve the lives of those less fortunate,” he added.

The funds distributed to the charities were raised from the IWC’s glamorous fund-raising Oscar Night dinner dance last year, which was attended by around 360 guests and was sponsored by Huawei for the third year running.

IWC chairperson Neelofer Ghazi thanked Huawei for its support and said: “We are extremely privileged and lucky to have the support of Huawei, who so generously sponsor our Oscars Night.”

Each of the recipients were visited and assessed to ensure the donations would be well-used, explained IWC Charity Committee chairperson Charity Chizyuka.

“These donations are not given lightly. We consider each and every charity, their work, their administration and financial book-keeping capabilities before making this decision. To the recipients today, these monies should be spent wisely, suitably administrated and documented, should you wish to qualify for additional funds in 2015,” she said.

A number of charitable organisations supporting the underprivileged in Zambia have received the donations.