ZAMBIA : Local Baptist International School warned, church existence threatened

Baptists International School directors Jim and Barbie Waters
Baptists International School directors Jim and Barbie Waters

The District administration in Mbala has issued a directive to management at the Baptist International School to adhere to Zambian labour laws.

The administration has warned the church that its existence in the district would not be guaranteed unless it respected the labour laws.

District commissioner Best Kabulembe issued the directive following complaints of alleged mistreatment of staff and flouting of labours laws by the Baptist International School management.

Mr Kabulembe warned the school administrators that government would not allow people investing in various social and economic sectors in the country to mistreat and abuse Zambian workers just because they are desperate to find employment.

The District Commissioner said some members of staff at the school have complained that theĀ  authorities were allegedly deducting tithe from their salaries and compelled them to join the Baptist Church against their wish.

But Baptists International School directors Jim and Barbie Waters denied the allegations saying the school does not force members of staff to join their church or deduct tithe from salaries against their wish.

The Directors, who are a couple, said at no time had the school management forced workers to pay tithe and join the Baptist church as the condition for getting employment.

They however said all members of staff pay tithe as contained in their contracts based on the teaching of the Bible since the school was a Ministry of the Baptist Church.

The Directors also said the school has a policy of employing Christians who believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ and share the same doctrines as Baptists contrary to the allegation that they were forced to join the Church.

Missionaries Jim and Barbie Waters have meanwhile challenged Mbala District Commissioner Best Kaulembe to send a labour officer to the school to establish if managementĀ  was flouting the Zambian labour laws in any way.



  1. The DC seems to control the press ZANIS the information you have presented is twisted typing. And it seems the DC has some personal motives, and you would not believe if i told you the the missionaries do not even have 5% control of the school the PTA and church representatives. They are also a non profit school and they do not make any money. They are just allowing the ministry to be self supportive, so that if they were to ever leave the school would continue on without them. It seems they just want them to stop the school from running so as to give business to other local business people dispute the school’s development honestly the school is the best in Mbala for more in contact me on 0968545101