No need to be controversial over constitution – Sikota

Sakwiba Sikota
Sakwiba Sikota
United Liberal party president Sakwiba Sikota says there is no need for anyone to be controversial over the constitution.

Mr. Sikota has told Qfm News in an interview that the issue of a new constitution should bring joy among Zambian.

Mr. Sikota explains that it is unfortunate that the Patriotic Front government has decided to frustrate the majority Zambians who had hope that they will come up with a people driven constitution.

Mr. Sikota notes that it is only right for President Micheal Sata to give Zambians the constitution as he promised during the run up to the 2011 general elections.

He adds that stakeholders pushing for the release of the draft constitution are merely speaking on behalf of the poor Zambians considering the huge sums of money that have been spent on the process.