Kapata suggest pre-school in prisons

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Kapata suggest pre-school in prisons

Lusaka, February 27, 2014—Deputy Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Jean Kapata has proposed that prisons where there are convicted women should have facilities such as pre-schools.

Ms. Kapata said this is in order to enable children born from convicted women in prison go to school at an early age.

She however told ZANIS in Lusaka today that female convicts who are expecting and have been sentenced to simple imprisonment are usually given parole.

She said it was important that women are allowed to take care of their children outside prison.

Ms. Kapata noted that in cases where a woman has committed a serious crime, she has to continue her sentence even after giving birth.

She said children whose mothers do not allow them to be taken away and be kept by their relatives while in prison need pre-schools.

She further suggested that other necessities should also be provided in prisons so as to enable children have as normal childhood lives as possible.

Ms. Kapata has however disclosed that her ministry was still trying to come up with the best way to help children born from convicted mothers saying prisons are not good places for anyone and especially children.