DC gives RDA kudos

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Kasama District Commissioner  Kalanga Bwalya has commended the Road Development Agency (RDA) for the quality works done at Luombe Bridge .

Mr Bwalya made the observation  when he inspected Luombe river bridge and Kapoka bridge

On  Lukupa river yesterday.

The DC said the people have been failing to cross Luombe river to access services such as education and health because there were no bridges across the two rivers.

Mr Bwalya also praised Government for supporting RDA as the people around Chilubula were now able to access both sides of Luombe river without difficulties.

He also thanked Chilubula Mission staff for the building timber and the support the institution rendered to assist construction woks at the bridge.

Mr Bwalya has however encouraged RDA to work hard and complete construction works at Kapoko bridge across Lukupa River.

Mr Bwalya charged that the two bridges play a critical role in food production and transporting farm inputs.