Kazungula man mysteriously disappears, pupils riot against suspected ‘satanism’

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A man has mysteriously disappeared in Kazungula district causing concern for local leadership.


Sekute ward councillor, Lackson Inambao, says he is concerned over the continued number of people going missing in his ward.


Mr Inambao suggested that there must be a demonic spirit in his ward that is confusing the people’s minds in the area resulting in such misfortunes.


He disclosed that merely few months after two children of the same family went missing, a similar incident has occurred within the same ward.


Mr Inambao mentioned that this time, it is an 18-year-old man of Mulingula village in Makunka area who has been missing from his home village since February 9, 2014.


He said serious efforts have been made by sympathizers who have continued searching for the missing person but to no avail.


Mr Inambao charged that villagers suspect that the man could have committed suicide because he had a marital dispute with his wife before he disappeared.


He said the man has two children with his wife whom he could not disclose by name.


In another development, pupils at Katombola Basic School in Kazungula district rioted this morning following the alleged Satanism being practiced by some members of staff.


It is however, not clear as to what extent the riotous pupils’ behaviours went as far as destroying property and beating up innocent people caught during the fracas.


According to sources who called this reporter, pupils at the school develop strange behaviour when they attend classes, especially when they get in contact with some named teachers.


They said the behaviour is very strange because some pupils react by collapsing immediately they get in contact with some teachers.


The sources added that the situation has caused the pupils to denounce the members of staff, adding that the learners have also resorted to stop attending classes not until the situation is normalized.


They charged that the confusion has spread to some members of staff who have also started behaving like pupils themselves.


And when contacted for a comment, District Education Boards Secretary, Samson Sakala, only said he was aware of the happenings at Katombola Basic School but could not give detailed information and referred all the queries to the area councillor Brighton Mwampole who promised to avail the exact information to this reporter later in the day.