FBOs, Church invited to work with govt

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—Mufulira District Commissioner, Chanda Kabwe, has called on Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) and Church leaders to work with the government in all areas of development for the benefit of the Zambian people.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Ndola today Mr Chanda noted that some Church leaders are going out of their call of duty of evangelising and spreading the word of God to masses by rushing to the media issuing careless and dangerous statements against government.

“Church leaders represent people from different backgrounds in their Churches hence for to some resort to preaching the message of negativity against the government is not healthy to the nation,” he said.

It is unfortunate that some Church leaders are working against the good policies of the government which is in a hurry to develop the country under the able-leadership of his Excellency, President Michael Chilufya Sata who was appointed by God to rule the nation,” he said.

Mr Chanda appealed to Church leaders who are in the habit of spreading the message of hate against the government to stop because they were misleading people.

The District Commissioner said government was working hard to ensure that it improves the living standards of the general citizenry and negative statements against the state was retrogressive to the development of the nation.

He said Church leaders should stop rushing to the media castigating government as the trend was not cordial.

Mr Chanda advised the clergy to have round-table meetings with the government on issues they feel are important to be discussed in the interest of Zambians.

“The Church plays a vital role to the wellbeing of the people in society and some leaders in the Church who are trying to challenge the government in a negative way should stop the bad practice because they should dwell on preaching love, peace and unity,” he said.

Mr Chanda said FBOs should support the developmental works that government is undertaking because the Church and government were partners.