Zambians are resolved on constitution – HH

UPND Katuba Feb 22, 2014 - Rally
UPND Katuba Feb 22, 2014 - Rally
Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians are resolved to have a new constitution whether the Patriotic Front and certain media houses wants to divert the attention from real issues by concentrating on petty and hate propaganda campaigns that divide the nation.

Speaking when he addressed students from various from various learning institutions in Lusaka last evening, Mr Hichilema says he will not be detracted by those bent on distorting his messages to suit their personal agendas in order to keep misleading Zambians about his character.

He reiterated that integrity in politics was paramount, but was aware of certain media houses that were thriving on misleading Zambian by trying to always paint a wrong picture about him.

Mr Hichilema told the students that Zambians had remained united regardless of race, religion or tribe and that anyone who wanted to dwell on distortions, malicious falsehoods, and propaganda against him and the UPND would not succeed.

He told the students that he was happy the UPND message of liberating Zambians from the political and economic mess brought by the PF regime has been widely received across the country.

Mr Hichilema also advised the students against vandalism of learning institutions and encouraged them to work extra hard in their studies as they were highly privileged to have reached their levels.