Three murdered during ‘Munada open market’ in Mbala

Three people are reported to be murdered during the “munada” open market at Chipoka in Mbala district of Northern Province yesterday.

Lapisha ward councilor, Vincent Zombe confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with ZANIS today.

Mr. Zombe named the murdered trio as Kedrick Sichula aged 62, Francis Sichula 35 years and Juma Sichula, 26 all of Chikusela village in senior chief Nsokolo’s area.

The ward councilor said the incident happened when Francis and Juma attacked Kedrick Sichula where he was selling beans at munada and beat him to death for unknown reason.

He explains that this provoked the people around who meted out instant mob justice on the two leading to their death.

By pressing time police had rushed to Chipoka to investigate the murder case.

And councilor Zombe has appealed to the district administration to ban the munada open market at Chipoka due to the high number of criminal cases and deaths at the same area.

In February 2012, 14 people were killed when a light truck canter plunged into a crowd of people during the munada open day market at Chipoka due to over speeding.