Makowe calls for increased response to disasters

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Mufumbwe District Commissioner (DC) in North Western province, Mankishi Mukokwe has called for increased response to disasters in the district.


Ms Mukokwe says the District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) in the district needs to scale up its efforts in responding to disasters by setting up a disaster management account.


Ms Mukokwe has since challenged the committee to embark on fundraising ventures to support the account.


ZANIS reports from Mufumbwe District that the commissioner said this in Mufumbwe yesterday when she addressed a meeting for the DDMC.


“We need to be vibrant and active, we have to be ready ourselves, mobilize resources so that when disasters happen we don’t rely on Lusaka to come to our rescue,” she said


Ms Mukokwe further called for the establishment of satellite committees to respond to disasters on the ground.


“Satellite committees will help us to assess the impact of disasters immediately they occur”


Since the onset of the rains, several disasters have occurred in Mufumbwe with structures catching fire, roofs been blown off at several schools and churches among them shuke and the seventh day Adventist.