Commuters welcome suggestion to restrict long distance buses

Toll gates for Zambia's roads
The Commuters Rights Association of Zambia has welcomed suggestions to restrict long distance buses to traveling during the day in view of the increasing number of road accidents which are claiming lives.

Association President, Aaron Kamuti has told Q fm in an interview that it is no longer safe for bus drivers to keep moving in the night following the increase in number of accidents.

Mr. Kamuti notes that there is a lot of misbehaving and excitement by some bus drivers during the night thereby risking people’s lives.

He adds that usually the buses are overloaded and the drivers are also stressed after driving for long hours with very little rest.

He says government should also compel long distance bus operators to have two drivers per trip in order to reduce the road accidents that are mostly as a result of fatigue.

Mr. Kamuti has further urged commuters to be on alert each time they are traveling long distance and challenge the bus drivers whenever they notice any sign of tiredness in the drivers or drunkenness.