LCC erects wall fence at Chunga dumping site

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Lusaka City Council Acting Town Clerk Moses Mwelwa says the local authority has commenced the construction of a wall fence around the Chunga dumpung site.


Mr. Mwelwa said this is in a bid to improve the sanitary conditions at the site and to control garbage from spilling over.


In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Mwelwa said this would also deter scavengers from flocking to the dumpsite.


He said the dumpsite will now only have one entrance and activities that will be taking place inside will not be visible to the people outside.


Mr. Mwelwa said the scavengers, who are the ‘waste pickers’ will now have to be registered with the City council so that only authorised persons will be allowed entry.


He said these scavengers will also be given protective clothing in order to prevent the spread of any infections.


Mr. Mwelwa has meanwhile said the council has no plans of relocating the dumpsite because according to its plan, that is the designated area for dumping waste.


He argued that many of the people that have built in the surrounding areas of the Chunga dumpsite are illegal settlers.


Mr. Mwelwa said there have been calls from those that have built houses around the dumping site to relocate it to another area.