Konkola Copper Mines report to be unveiled next week

Konkola Copper Miner - KCM
Konkola Copper Miner - KCM
Government is expected next week to unveil the findings of the investigations that was conducted by the technical team to investigate the business operations of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

Government last year instituted a technical team of experts to investigate the business operations of KCM following the operation challenges the giant copper mining firm was facing.

Mines Minister, Christopher Yaluma, says he is glad that the owners of Vedanta Resources and KCM flew in the country on Thursday evening and will be looking at the report with them.

Mr. Yaluma who refused to disclose the contents of the report says he will make it available to the public after having a meeting with the owners of KCM.

Mr. Yaluma says he can not disclose the contents of the report because he wants to share it first with the management of Vedanta Resources and that after having a final meeting; both KCM and Government will be making a statement about the findings of the investigations.

He says government respects Vedanta Resources so much and values its massive investment in the mining sector.