Dad axes and assaults son over shared girlfriend


A FORTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD man of Kitwe has allegedly axed and assaulted his 19-year-old son over a girl the two have shared a love affair with.
The man, identified as Patrick Kasonde of Mufuchani farming area, assaulted his son, Goodwell, on Tuesday last week after the latter picked a quarrel with his former girlfriend who is now allegedly cohabiting with Mr Kasonde.
Goodwell, who reported the incident to Riverside Police Post, said that while at school, he was in courtship with the girl, identified as Mary, and when they completed school in December last year, the girl went to visit him at his parents’ house in Mufuchani area.
He explained that it was at that point that his father became interested in the girl and proposed to her, and the girl accepted.
Afterwards, Mr Kasonde allegedly chased his wife from their matrimonial home and took in the girl as his wife.
On Tuesday last week, Goodwell prepared a meal for himself and when Mary asked if she could have some, he refused and this led to a quarrel.
Goodwell’s father also joined in the quarrel and later a fight ensued with the father picking up an axe whose handle he used to pound Goodwell with all over the body before axing him until he sustained injuries.
Neighbours, who sympathised with Goodwell informed his mother, who resides in the nearby Musonda Township, about what had transpired.
With the assistance of his mother and friends, Goodwell was carried on the back of one of his friends to Riverside Police Post where the incident was reported and a medical report issued.
“My father proposed to my girlfriend who he got interested in after she came to visit me at home. He later chased my mother and brought in the same girl as his wife,” Goodwell said.
“I was preparing lunch for myself and when she asked if she could have some, I got upset and asked her why I should prepare food for her when she was now my father’s wife and that was how we started quarrelling and later my father joined in and started hitting me with an axe,” Goodwell told the police.
Goodwell was later taken to Kitwe Central Hospital where he is currently admitted after sustaining a cut on the head. He was also complaining of swollen and painful legs.
Police officers are waiting for the medical report which has to be signed by a medical doctor to effect an arrest.