STEPS OVC calls for strengthened capacity in communities

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STEPS OVC calls for strengthened capacity in communities

Kafue, Feb 21/14 ZANIS——A Non-Governmental Organisation called STEPS OVC in Kafue district says strengthening the capacity of Zambian communities by providing
sustainable HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support services will help improve the livelihood of the communities in the district.

STEPS OVC stands for Sustainability through Economic Strengthening,
Prevention and Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

STEPS OVC Kafue District coordinating leader, Michael Lungu, who is also Rise Community Aid (RICAP) Program manager, said this during stakeholders’ meeting held at the district administration offices in Kafue.

Mr Lungu said some of the economic measures his organisation has put in place are forming community savings groups, provide assistance for increased crop yields (agricultural strategy), facilitating links to markets and business opportunities.

He added that STEPS OVC has embarked on capacity building for local organisations to strengthen their management skills and practices to sustain HIV prevention, care and support services as well as economic strengthening initiatives in their communities.

Mr Lungu revealed that his NGO works together with the Zambian Prevention Initiative on developing, testing and scaling up prevention activities and help community members adopt HIV/AIDS prevention behaviours.

Meanwhile, a participants’ representative, Luwi Selekanya, said the skills and knowledge attained will help improve the service delivery in the community.

Ms Selekanya has since appealed to government to accommodate care givers in the formal employment.

The stakeholders’ meeting attracted 13 NGOs from Chilanga and Kafue districts.