Chikankata council constructs houses

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Chikankata council constructs houses

Chikankata, Feb21/14 ZANIS——-The construction of ten council houses in Chikankata District is progressing well.

Chikankata District Council Secretary, Damson Mukwato, disclosed the development to ZANIS in Chikankata an interview, saying approximately 8500 square meters of land was allocated for the construction of the houses.

Mr Mukwato said the construction of the houses at Nega Nega area in Chikankata was awarded to SBK Ltd at a total cost of K4 million.

He added that the project is a long term program as the local authority will not only stop at ten houses but will build many more to reduce the housing deficit which the Council and other public service workers are currently facing in the district.

“Many government workers have no accommodation as such most of them live in Mazabuka and Kafue when they are supposed to be in Chikankata. Therefore, this project will enable most of them to live within the district,” he said.

Mr Mukwato said the houses have reached window level and is confident that the construction of the houses will be completed by September.

“SBK Ltd is working tirelessly to finish the project as soon as possible. By September this year, the houses would have been completely constructed and ready for habitation,” he said.

He noted that once the houses are completed, service delivery in the District for the various government departments will be greatly improved.

He further said Chikankata District Council intends to build other infrastructural developments such as a civic centre as well as a lodge.