Govt’s commitment to work impresses Milenge District

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Govt’s commitment to work impresses Milenge District

Milenge , February 20, 2014, ZANIS —- Milenge acting district commissioner Mwita  Kasengele says most of people in the area were happy with the PF government’s  approach to development compared to the MMD regime.


Mr. Kasengele says most of the  people in the area were impressed with the goodwill the PF government had shown to the people in his area in the two years it has been in power compared to the MMD regime.


He said most of the development works in the area abandoned by the former MMD government had now been worked on and completed by the PF government.


“  A number of projects like electricity and road network where abandoned by the MMD government , but these have now been revived , “ he said.


He particulary pointed out that developmental programmes to be undertaken in Link Zambia 8000  had benefited the district  which for the first time ever had street lights under Rural Electrification Authority (REA) .


Mr.  Kasengele said that the PF government was in a hurry to develop the country hence it would not let the people down.

He revealed that people of Milenge were eagerly anticipating development from government as the previous regimes neglected them for a long time.


Currently government was constructing Milenge High School which is expected to be commissioned by 30 May 2014.


In addition construction works at the district hospital is reached the second phase.