ERB gives Mansa’s an ultimatum

Dr Chitulu Chilufya is the member of parliament for Mansa Central

 The Energy Regulation Board has given Continental filling Feeling Station in Mansa a three months ultimatum in which to work on the forecourt or risk being closed.


Energy Regulation Board Executive Director Langiwe Lungu said there are low levels of adherence to energy regulations among filling stations in Mansa.


Ms Lungu says it is sad that some feeling station fail to provide the basic safety needs of a feeling station and wandered how feeling station in Mansa will work if they fail to provide safety needs.

ZANIS reports that the ERB Director said when he  led a team of inspectors to check on filling feeling stations in Mansa, today.



Ms Lungu has however expressed satisfaction at the fuel quality in all the feeling stations adding that filling Feeling stations in Mansa should emulate Spectra feeling station which meets the required standards of the Energy Regulation Board in its operations.  



Ms Lungu told feeling Station owners to ensure that they have fuel at all times saying shortages of fuel which have been experienced in Mansa have a negative effect among the users.



The  ERB Director is in Luapula Province to check on energy installations and has so far toured Mpanta solar min grid project and Samfya feeling station in Samfya District.



 Ms Lungu was impressed with the Mpanta Mini power solar grid project saying the project will go a long away in helping the people of Mpanta in energy needs.



She however said though the feeling in Samfya does not meet the required standards it will be left to operate as closing the feeling station will have adverse effects to the people adding that  the Energy Regulation Board has however given the feeling station until December  to meet the rural feeling station standards.