Nursing career

letters to the editor
letters to the editor

Hi,am Emmanuel Nsekwila from copperbelt.i really wonder if you can help
me.i completed my high school in 2011,and since then i’ve not been
able to get into college despite having good results.i have attended
several interviews at different nursing schools,but none of the
schools has picked me.i’ve always wanted to do nursing because to me
it’s not only a career but that’s my calling.i know God has given me
the sensitivity to feel the hurt of the patients and i want to
contribute my talent to the healthcare of my
community,unfortunately,despite attending several interviews,i’m
always left out,i rilly need help,rightnow i don’t know what to do,the
only thing i know is that somebody somewhere needs my service as a
health there any way in wich you can help me please..?