Govt to spend K 8 million on Mazabuksa – Kafue road works

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Govt to spend K 8 million on Mazabuksa – Kafue road works


Mazabuka , February 17, 2014 ZANIS— Mazabuka District Commissioner Eugene Munyama has disclosed that Government will spend a total of Twenty Eighty Million Kwacha to work on the Mazabuka – Kafue road.



Mr.Munyama stated that works on the 67 Kilometer stretch on the Great North Road are expected to start in September this year and will last for more than to years.



He disclosed that money for the road construction project that will be embarked on by the Road Development Agency (RDA) was approved and set aside in this year’s National budget.



The District Commissioner was speaking in Mazabuka yesterday during a stakeholders meeting called by the Municipal Council to receive views over the proposed by – Pass route project that will see heavy duty vehicles avoiding passing through the heart of Mazabuka Township.



The proposed by – pass route will save as an alternative route for motorists traveling from Kafue – Livingstone without passing through Mazabuka Central Business District and is aimed at among other things reducing the volumes of truck traffic as well as accidents that have continued to be experienced on the Shoprite junction where trucks fail to negotiate the sharp turn.



Government through the Road Development Agency has engaged WCE, an Infrastructure Development Consultants to enable undertake the K28 million Kwacha project.



WCE managing Director Eugene Haazele said feasibility studies have since been undertaken into the project that includes the construction of Mazabuka – Kafue road as well as the Mazabuka – by –pass route.



Mr.Haazele stated that the project s once on course is expected to create more than 500 job opportunities for the people of Mazabuka district.



He said designs for the by- pass route project which is in excess of 5KM have since been prepared adding that works on the project are expected to begin in May this year.



And speaking earlier Acting Mazabuka Municipal Council Town Clerk Zakeyo Mbao disclosed that a contractor has already been sought by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to work on the 18 kilometer stretch of township roads in the area.



Mr.Mbao has however called for support from the local people towards the various projects that government has embarked on in the area saying government has already showed its commitment towards improving the road network in the district.