PRESS STATEMENT – UPND responds to Sata

Pakuboko Ajanza - UPND
Pakuboko Ajanza - UPND

PRESS STATEMENT – UPND responds to Sata

The PF Government under the leadership of President Sata has continued to undermine and trivialize the highest office in the land on various pertinent issues affecting the nation.
Voting for President Sata and his administration in 2016 will mean demeaning and ridiculing innocent and defenceless citizens such as Hakainde Hichilema at the expense of National development. The people of Zambia now know the true colours of President Sata and his administration and will never be hoodwinked ever again in 2016.
Hakainde Hichilema is a Zambian and his parents are Zambian, we can prove to President Sata who has failed lamentably to bring Hakainde’s name into disrepute with all sorts of accusations in the past.
It is President Sata who must prove to the Zambian people were his parents come from if that is the issue. Which school he went to and mention some of his school mates, whether at secondary level or university and what are his qualifications.
At least some people have come forward who were with Hakainde in secondary school or university and we hope President Sata can do the same. To my knowledge I have never heard anyone claim they were together at school with President Sata. President Sata’s administration is a great threat to public order and should be retired in 2016.
We agree with President Sata’s observation that all those who have wished other leaders in the past sick are not worth to be called leaders.
This must include leaders who spoke ill about Mwanawasa, Mazoka and George Kunda’s illness. There should be no double standards. Hakainde Hichilema has never wished anyone sick, infact his prayer is that leaders in power live beyond 2016 so that they can admire real leadership of the UPND when we take over in 2016.
The vision of Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND is to create a United and prosperous Zambia with equal opportunities across ethnic, religious and gender consideration, living in harmony in a free democratic society.
Hakainde and UPND’s approach will be characterized by good planning, prudent management, economic efficient and effective utilization of public including donor resources supported by a vigorous but professional fight against corruption. UPND provides the missing link which is knowledge and quality based leadership in the management of our country’s public resources and affairs.

Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Deputy Spokes Person