Government concerned with poor infrastructure in Katuba

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–Government has noted with concern that poor and inadequate infrastructure has continued to hamper access and the delivery of quality education in most schools across the country.


Vice President, Guy Scott, revealed this in Katuba constituency today where he went to galvanise support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate in the forthcoming parliamentary by elections, Moses Chilando, which will be held on February 25.


The Vice President was alarmed when he discovered that nine pupils are sharing one desk at Namayani Primary School in Katuba Constituency.


School head teacher, Bornwell Hadunka, said the school has inadequate desks and teaching materials to meet the learning requirements of the over 800 pupils enrolled at the institution.


Mr Hadunka appealed to Government to assist the school repair a 1×3 classroom block whose roof was blown off in October, 2013, and a teacher’s house that collapsed in November in the same year


The affected teacher has since occupied one of the classrooms depriving the pupils of learning space.


The Vice President directed the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to quickly repair Namayani Primary School along with Katete, Musopelo and other primary schools that are in deplorable conditions in the area.


Dr Scott reaffirmed Government’s commitment to provide quality education and the necessary infrastructure in the country.


He also expressed concern at the escalating high numbers of early girl child marriages being recorded across the country.


“This is the first school I have been to where the issue of child marriages is being brought up. We will do everything we can to fix this problem,” the Vice President said.


Mr Hadunka informed Dr Scott that girls between the ages of 13 and 15 in the area were being withdrawn from school and forced into early marriages.


Meanwhile, the Vice President has urged the people of Katuba to give the Patriotic Front (PF) chance to develop the area by voting for its candidate in the forthcoming by elections.


“For 20 years, you people here have had no roads, no police post and no clean drinking water. This constituency has been neglected for nearly 50 years. We know you people need good roads, schools, clinics and electricity, so vote for the PF for development,” he said.


Dr Scott also urged residents of Katuba to shun opposition political parties that are campaigning and championing tribal politics but called on them to instead embrace brotherhood and love for them to work together in order to develop the country.