Nalolo District stands alone finally

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Nalolo District stands alone

Senanga, 17th January, 2014, ZANIS – —- SENANGA district has finally weaned off the newly created Nalolo District which was still under the management of Senanga District.


And Nalolo Member of parliament Inonge Wina says the splitting of the two districts is special for both districts as resources from the central government will be shared equally.


This was done today after sharing of assets, liabilities and human resources between the two districts in Senanga council chamber.

Senanga Council Secretary Reagan Kalumba disclosed this in a special full council meeting that Senanga council today.


The Senanga District council has decided to give Nalolo district movable assets such as a Keep Zambia Campaign vehicle, Toyota corolla, 15 bicycles and ten wheel bins.


Mr. Kalumba also pointed out that the parent council has also given Nalolo council six tables and six chairs including a desk top computer, one printer and one laptop.


He said two houses for fish levy collectors and council barrier at Muoyo have also been given to Nalolo district under fixed assets.


Mr. Kalumba further said Senanga district council management proposed to second ten staff to Nalolo district for the period of six months.


He added that during that period the seconded officers shall be retained on Senanga pay roll as provided in the ministerial guideline dated 24th December, 2013.


He also stated that management had also proposed that the new created district Nalolo should have their administrative offices in Muoyo at the former District Commissioner’s house.


And Nalolo Member of parliament Inonge Wina says the splitting of the two districts is special for both districts as resources from the central government will be shared equally.


“For a very long time, Nalolo district felt as if it was an underdog but now the fruits of development will be seen in both districts and this will excite the people,” said Ms. Wina who is also Minister for Gender and Child development,  .


She appealed to Senanga district not to neglect Nalolo District which it has created, as the new district is still under a learning process.


Ms. Wina also implored Senanga councilors to work in unity with Nalolo councilors as they start a new foundation. 


She however pointed out if equity was to be exercised it was prudent for Senanga District council to have given the list of assets it has before deciding to give the assets it has given to Nalolo.


However Senanga Council Secretary Reagan Kalumba was not for the idea of equal sharing of resources between the two councils.


Mr. Kalumba said going by the Local government and housing ministry laws, a decision should be made by the parent councils ( in this case Senanga ) to give the new council  (Nalolo) an agreed number of the movable assets.


He said this is according one of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing’s ministerial guidelines under movable assets which states that depending on the number of motor vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles which are runners.


Mr. Kalumba said sharing was also done after considering the number of runner movable vehicles that Senanga has.


After a debate and voting from councilors, outgoing Senanga District Council Chairperson Micheal Mundia decided that only ten more chairs will be added to the six so that they can also cater for Nalolo councilors.


Mr. Mundia also thanked the councilors for debating in a mature way, adding that it is a requirement by law that whenever a new district is created sharing of assets, liabilities and human resource is done with the parent district.


Last year, the Republican President declared twenty nine areas across the country as districts pursuant to the powers vested in the Head of State under the provincial and district boundaries Act Chapter, 286 of the Laws of Zambia.


Meanwhile , government has donated three ploughs worth K420 each to three women groups among them Swalisano women’s group in Senanga District.

Gender and child development minister Inonge Wina said  the donation  shows how government is committed to ensuring that women are empowered so that they can sustain themselves.

Meanwhile, Swalisano women group chairperson Wamumweya Namayunga thanked the Minister for the gesture which the group did not expect, saying the ploughs which have come at the right time will assist in their farming activities.