Cattle diseases under control in Mkushi

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The veterinary department in Mkushi district has reported progress in controlling outbreaks of tick borne cattle diseases from January this year to date.

Mkushi District Veterinary Officer, Mitson Simuyala, confirmed the outlook of cattle disease to ZANIS, explaining that tick borne had stabilised considerably as January and February were the peak months for outbreaks.

Mr Simuyala said during the period under review, there cases of East Coast Fever (ECF) had been recorded in Chalata area, as well as one case of heart water disease in Fiwila.

He, however, pointed out that 11 cases of Anaplasmosis had been recorded in Chalata and Fiwila areas, adding that one death had been recorded amongst the afflicted cattle.

Mr Simuyala said apart from these, three cases of lumpy skin disease had been reported in Musofu and Ilume areas.

He mentioned that his department had mitigated the cattle disease problem by effecting measures such as extensive sensitisation in which farmers were enlightened on how to manage cattle disease.

He added that the department had facilitated for several disease prevention activities, saying 102 cattle had been vaccinated against Lumpy Skin Disease in Fiwila alone.

Mr Simuyala stressed that the statistics of recorded cases over the past two months were controllable, adding that his office had made strides in the efforts to scale down the outbreaks of tick borne diseases such as ECF and Anaplasmosis.

He noted that there had also been a considerable improvement from Farmers in managing and preventing tick borne diseases as many were dipping or vaccinating their cattle accordingly as advised by his department.