ZAWA urged to move in against a hippo ravaging fields in Kalabo district

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A Kalabo based peasant farmer Munyikwa Sitakwa has advised the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to control a ravaging  hippo that is terrorizing some maize fields in  Kaprivi area in Kalabo District.

Mr.  Sitakwa says  that  as a result of this ,  three peasant farmers have so far been  affected adding that this was their first time to experience such kind of a situation in the area.

He  said that three limas of his maize field and unknown limas of other farmers’ fields risk being terrorized completely by the hippo if ZAWA did not quickly move in to control the beast.

ZANIS reports that the concerned peasant farmer said this in an interview in Kalabo District , today.

He said that the hippo started terrorizing the maize fields at Kaprivi in Kalabo last Sunday hence reporting the matter to the district administration and ZAWA to move in and control the animal.

Mr. Sitakwa said that there was urgent need for ZAWA to control the hippo adding that what other affected farmers and him expected to harvest by next month would this year help to avert hunger in their families.