ZAWA arrests Angolan for illegal possession of govt trophy

Common Duiker
Common Duiker

The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Kalabo district has arrested a 62-year-old Angolan woman for illegally being in possession of 500 grams meat of a common duiker.

ZAWA officials who confirmed the arrest to ZANIS disclosed that the Angolan woman was caught at the harbour in Kalabo on her way to Mongu after a tip off from members of the public.

After a search was conducted, the woman was found with 500 grams meat of a common duiker concealed in one of her bags.

They identified the woman as Florinda Kalungwe Kambembwa of Bie Province in Angola.

Mrs Kambembwa claimed she had bought the meat from the market in Angola but did not have documentation to prove her claims.

ZAWA officials urged Angola nationals to always have authorized documentation when dealing in forbidden government trophies when entering Zambia if they are to be protected from facing the wrath of law.

“We understand in Angola game meat is sold openly at the market. In Zambia it is an offence as long as one does not have authentic documentation and the arrest of this woman will be a deterrent to would-be Angolan offenders,” one of the officials said.

The woman will appear in court on Monday.