Woman sued for accusing neighbour of infidelity


THE Kabushi local court in Ndola has ordered a 24-year-old housewife of Kabushi Township to pay K600 compensation for defamation after she accused her neighbour of running after her husband.
Violet Makina of House number 6310 KX is alleged to have accused her neighbour, Cynthia Sinyangwe, 24, of admiring her husband.
This incensed Cynthia who later went on to sue Makina for defamation of character.
According to evidence before the court, Makina’s husband had on January 7, 2014 left some money with Cynthia to give his wife when she returned from where she had gone.
Upon arrival at home Makina was given the money by Cynthia but she started suspecting that the plaintiff was having a secret affair with her husband.
Cynthia told the court that she was shocked by a loud bang on the window at night, only to realise that it was Makina, who was also shouting and insulting her.
She said Makina accused her of being a sex worker who was busy admiring her husband even when Cynthia was married.
This was happening in the presence of Sinyangwe’s husband.
Cynthia’s witness and husband, Harrison Sinyangwe, 38, told the court that she heard Makina accusing his wife of infidelity.
But in her defence, Makina said that she did not insult the plaintiff but her (Makina’s) husband who had left the money with Cynthia.
Brian Makina, the witness to the defendant, told the court that he left the money with Cynthia because his wife was not at home.
He said those insults were aimed at him and not the neighbour.
Passing judgment, Kabushi local court presiding magistrate Oscar Kalaba, sitting with senior local court magistrate Mildred Namwizye, found Makina guilty and fined her K600 to be paid in installments of K150.