President Sata canes HH

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President Sata canes HH
Lusaka, February 15, 2014, ZANIS…….President Michael Sata has castigated opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Leader Hakainde Hichilema for wishing the Head of State ill health.

And President Sata has urged the people of Katuba constituency in Chibombo district to elect a leader of their choice in the forthcoming parliamentary by election on February 25.

And President Sata said any leader who wished others bad
health does not fit to be elected  into leadership.

He said Mr. Hichilema was not fit to lead the nation because of his
dented image following his dealings when he was appointed by late
President Chiluba to privatise Mines and other parastatal companies in

Mr Hichilema recently claimed that President Sata had gone to India for medical treatment when in fact the Head of State was on a working holiday in London where he had gone soon after attending the African Union-AU 22nd ordinary summit for the Heads of State and Government.

Addressing a public rally at Mwanjuni school in Katuba to drum up support for the Patriotic Front candidate Moses Chilando today,

President Sata said the people of Katuba should make their own decision on the kind of candidate they want to take to parliament to represent

The Head of State said the Patriotic Front has offered its candidate
Moses Chilando who is well known but the final decision remains with
the local people to make.

Mr. Sata said it was up to the people to choose whether they want to remain in the opposition or join the ruling party which was development oriented.

He noted that Katuba constituency has not changed from the time he was
Local government Minister in the Chiluba regime when he electrified
the area to date because its people have been voting for wrong

President Sata urged the people of Katuba to remember the sufferings of their
children when voting so that they do not make another mistake by
voting for a wrong candidate.

President Sata noted that children do not need a new constitution for their
welfare to be taken care of but a good leader and good government.

He observed that some politicians were busy calling for a new constitution
instead of working on improving the livelihood of the Zambian children
most whom he noted looked like orphans when in fact their parents were
still alive.

And speaking earlier, Patriotic front National Chairperson Inonge Wina
called on the people of Katuba area to vote for the party’s candidate who have easy access to the authorities.

Mrs. Wina who is also Gender and Child Development Minister said the
people of Katuba should not be divided by some politicians who are
preaching tribalism as the country is one and belongs to all Zambians
regardless of the tribe one hails from.

She noted that it was wrong for some opposition political parties to
campaign on tribal lines and accusations especially on the Presidents

She said the PF has positioned itself as a party for all Zambians
regardless of the regional borders or tribal belongings.

And PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba said the people of Katuba
need a leader who is capable of developing the area as the
constituency is underdeveloped despite it being located near the capital
city, Lusaka.

Mr. Kabimba stated that if the people of Katuba do not vote for the PF
candidate on the polling day then they do not need development in
their area.

He noted that the PF has in the few years they have been in power
managed to develop almost all parts of the country and urged the
people of Katuba to embrace change like others have done in
constituencies that were held by the opposition.

He added that in the past the people of Katuba have been voting for
the others parties who have since failed to develop the area but
promised to change the face of Katuba once a PF candidate is ushered
into office.

The public rally was attended by several Cabinet Ministers, Senior PF
party officials and three chief namely Chief Liteta, Chief Chamuka and
Chieftainess Mungule of the Lenje people.

Seven candidates are vying for the Katuba Constituency parliamentary
by-election set for February 25.

The candidates included Patriotic Front (PF)’s Moses Chilando, United
Party for National Development (UPND)’s Jonas Shakafuswa, Cecil Holmes
for the MMD, and Friday Malawo representing UNIP.

Other candidates are National Restoration Party (NAREP)’s Joseph
Mushalika, Patricia Mwashingwele for Alliance for Better Zambia, and
National Revolution Party’s Shakespeare Mwakamui.

The Katuba parliamentary seat fell vacant after the death of MMD Katuba Member
of Parliament Patrick Chikusu, who was also Health Deputy Minister.