Commuters welcome Mazhandu Bus, Airtel e-ticket service

Mazhandu Family Bus Service
Mazhandu Family Bus Service

COMMUTERS in Lusaka have welcomed the introduction of online buying  of bus tickets by Mazhandu Family Bus through Airtel Money service.
Mazhandu recently entered into an agreement with Airtel which would allow passengers buy airtime through Airtel Money which is used to pay for various services.
Commuters Rights Association of Zambia (CRAZ) national chairperson Aaron Kamuti commended Airtel for providing the service as that would reduce on the time commuters spend waiting for the buses.
“In the past, we experienced a number of cheatings by some operators who made passengers to pay for Mazhandu Family Bus and waited for long hours but ended up using other buses,” Mr Kamuti said.
Mr Kamuti said Airtel should however sensitise the general public on the development so that everyone including those in remote areas could know how to use the service.
He stressed the need for Airtel to engage stakeholders who would help in implementing the purchasing of tickets via mobile phones.
The CRAZ chairperson hoped that there would be correspondence between bus operators and Airtel.
And some passengers talked to in Lusaka said the idea was good though it required more education for people to comprehend and appreciate it.
“It sounds to be a great idea, but I am not sure how it works and I hope both Mazhandu and Airtel can educate the people extensively to let them understand,” said Ackim Phiri one of frequent travellers.
He noted that if well implemented, the purchasing of tickets through mobile phones could help to avoid the harassment inconveniencies by call boys at many bus stations.
Moses Sakapi, a conductor at Mazhandu hailed the initiative, saying it would help reduce congestion as the number of commuters  attended to by ticket sellers would reduce.