Traders want market completed

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Marketers trading along the streets of

Luanshya’s business district have appealed to the local authority

to expedite the completion of Zaone market which is undergoing a face



The traders said they are being subjected to conduct their business in

poor sanitary and harsh conditions citing lack of shelter from the rains

as a major challenge.


A vegetable trader Beatrice Mambwe complained that renovation works

have taken long and appealed to the Luanshya Municipal Council to

complete the market.


Ms Mambwe said even when the major renovations were completed over six

months ago, the local authority has failed to build toilets, enhance

security and connect electricity to the market.


Another trader, William Koneli however commended the council for renovating

the market which he described as having been in a deplorable state.


Mr Koneli noted that with the redesigning and paving of the market,

traders were willing to move their businesses into the market as it

was located within the central business district.


He however said the delay in completing the renovation works was what

had resulted into traders spreading to all streets of the central

business area therefore creating congestion in the

shop corridors and the streets.


And a Luanshya resident John Sukulu observed that street vending has

contributed to the increased littering and accumulation of garbage in

the central business district.


Mr Sukulu hoped that street vending which had become an eye sore to the

once cleanest district on the Copperbelt province would be addressed



Meanwhile, Luanshya municipal council public Health Officer Harry Matuka said

the renovation works would be completed before the end of next month.


Mr Matuka said the local authority had received a grant from which part

of the money will be directed to the completion of the market.


He said all the major works had been completed and that the contractor

handed over the market to the council late last year adding that it

would be commissioned as soon the final touches were completed.


Meanwhile, Luanshya District Commissioner Harold Mbaulu has directed

the council to embark on the elimination of stray dogs in the district

to reduce the number of cases of rabies in the area.


The DC noted that out of the estimated total population of over 5000

dogs in the district, only 97 dogs were registered.


"The council had planned and adequately budgeted for the registration

of about 500 dogs and it is so discouraging to see that people are

shunning this noble cause aimed at protecting both themselves and

their pets" he said.


During the last quarter of 2013, the district had recorded 107 cases

of dog bites from which 10 were from stray dog.