Lions terrorizing domestic animals in Luangwa

Lion Luangwa

A pack of lions has invaded Chiendiendi village in Luangwa district, killing domestic animals and threatening human life.

Area ward councillor, Felix Kazangalale, told ZANIS today that lions were killing goats in his ware and so far 15 goats have been eaten, creating panic amongst the people.

Mr Kazangalale said the most affected areas were Chiendiendi and Kakaro villages where people are now living in fear as the lions are right up in the villages where they are hunting goats.

He said five goats have been caught at Chiendiendi with eight at Kakaro villages and called on the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in the area to correct the situation before human life is lost.

And ZAWA East Lower Zambezi National Park Warden, Moses Mukumbi, has confirmed receiving reports of lions killing domestic animals in the villages of Chiendiendi and Kakaro.

Mr Mukumbi said his office has already deployed officers to correct the situation as they have been in the areas for almost two weeks now.

He said his office has also received reports from Kavalamanja village where elephants are destroying people’s fields.

The ZAWA warden said his office was doing everything possible to correct the human/animal conflict in the area, especially in Chief Mphuka’s Chiefdom.

Mr Mukumbi assured the people that his office will work flat out to correct the human/animal conflict in Chief Mphuka’s area by deploying more officers to affected villages.

He said that officers have already been deployed in the affected villages and things will come to normal soon.

Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba, also confirmed receiving reports of marauding lions and elephants and called on ZAWA officers to quickly solve the problem before human life is lost