Zambian Engineer triumphs

Anthony Ng’oma
Anthony Ng’oma
A ZAMBIAN has scooped the 2014 scientist of the year award in the United States of America.
Anthony Ng’oma received the award at the Black Engineer of the Year awards ceremony at Wardman Park Marriot Hotel in Washington last weekend.
This is according to a Press statement issued by First Secretary, Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy in the US, Patricia Litiya.
In receiving his award,  called for increased support to young people for them to develop interest in the science field.
He said although producing amazing scientific and technological inventions was awesome, there was nothing more powerful than helping to create a new breed of scientists and engineers.
Dr Ng’oma said there were many young people who either did not know how exciting science and technology were, or who needed support and guidance.
“There are many more who desire to have just that opportunity to demonstrate their skills and prove themselves.
“There is no greater contribution any of us can make to science and technology than to help empower our young people and those new to science to be successful,” Dr Ng’oma said.
Speaking at the same function, 2013 scientist of the year award winner Corlis Murray, who gave the keynote address, urged fellow scientists to mentor young people in communities.
Dr Murray said as a way to give back, scientists should go into the communities and schools to re-energise and ignite passion for mathematics and science among the youth.
Dr Ng’oma holds several international degrees in electronics, telecommunications and engineering, and a doctorate degree in electrical engineering.
He has authored and co-authored more than 75 technical publications.
Dr Ng’oma is a research associate and research manager with Corning Inc.



  1. Congratulations for putting Zambia on the map and the country should benefit from this.

  2. Good for him. Meanwhile back here CBU’s looking to Ethiopia for Engineering lecturers while our own PhD holders are in the diaspora.