MMD’s contradicting support for PF members

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Despite condemning some of its members of Parliament (MPs) for working with the PF Government, the opposition MMD now states that there is nothing wrong with it supporting former Minister of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba, a member of the ruling party.
And Mr Mwamba claims he enjoys support from both the ruling party, the Patriotic Front (PF), and some opposition parties.  But some PF members have said the chanting mob that was with Mr Mwamba at Woodlands Police Station was hired.
Some MMD MPs offered “solidarity” to Mr Mwamba on Monday at the Woodlands Police Station where he appeared for questioning for alleged corruption.
MMD vice-president Michael Kaingu said yesterday that there was nothing wrong with giving such solidarity.
“I am not aware about their presence there [Woodlands Police Station] but is that wrong? There is nothing wrong with that,” Mr Kaingu said.
On Monday, MMD Senga member of Parliament Kapembwa Simbao and Kasempa lawmaker Kabinga Pande and other opposition party members were among those who offered support.
Mr Mwamba admitted: “Even MMD and UPND [members] are here to support me.”
He said he also had support from within the PF but there were no known or prominent members from the party at the police station, save for some placard-carrying youths.
Mr Mwamba, who is Kasama MP told journalists at Woodlands Police Station yesterday said that other PF members were not there to give him support because they had other business.
“Mind you to be popular, it is not only PF that will make you to be who you are. Even MMD, UPND can make me popular. To be popular, it is not only within your party for your information,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba says it will be an interesting experience for him to drop to the backbench in Parliament.
Mr Mwamba, who is Kasama central member of Parliament (MP), said he has no problem relegating to the backbench because he expected that when he made his decision to resign from his ministerial position.
He said this in an interview at Lusaka’s Woodlands Police Station yesterday where he accompanied his wife, Chama, and his daughter Thandiwe for interrogations.
“That is very interesting. When I was resigning, that was the first thing I realised that I would be on the backbench,” Mr Mwamba said.
He said he is looking forward to sitting next to his fellow Patriotic Front (PF) member of Parliament for Chipili, Davis Mwila.
In September last year, Mr Mwila, who once served as Luapula provincial minister, resigned from his position as Deputy Minister of Defence.
“I will be more than glad to sit next to Hon. Davis Mwila. He is my former deputy minister, I will be more than glad to sit next to him,” he said.
And STEVEN MVULA reports that Mr Mwamba yesterday took up a back bench seat.
Mr Mwamba was escorted into the chamber by Chadiza Member of Parliament (MMD) Allan Mbewe.
Immediately after he sat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Kabwata MP (PF) Given Lubinda shook his hand.
Mr Mwamba resigned from Government in December while parliament was on recess citing personal issues.
Liuwa MP (MMD) Situmbeko Musokotwane who was on the floor acknowledged Mr Mwamba’s presence.

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