Chilubi Island hit by storm and hunger

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Chilubi Island hit by storm and hunger


Lusaka, February 12, ZANIS —A storms has left a trail of destruction to schools and health infrastructure on Chilubi Island in Luapula Province.


And over 26, 000 people are faced with severe hunger in Chilubi due to a food shortage that has been cause by heavy rains which destroyed crops last rain season.


Member of Parliament for Chilubi, Obius Chisala disclosed to ZANIS in an interview that, 15 out of the 22 wards in his constituency have been badly hit by hunger.


Mr. Chisala, who is also Deputy Minister of Gender and Child Development, said the hunger situation was due to food shortages that have been caused by last year’s bad climatic conditions of drought and heavy rains that destroyed crops in the area.


He also disclosed that four primary schools namely Chisha, Fube, Mofu and Chichile have been extensively damaged by the storm adding that they need urgent attention so that pupils can soon resume classes.


“We have four schools that have been badly damaged by heavy rains. It is a disaster, children are not going to school and clinics are affected,” Mr. Chisala lamented.


He has since appealed to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to quickly send a team to Chilubi to assess the extent of hunger and damage which the storm has caused to the four schools and health centres.


“I am appealing to DMMU to see to it that they do something about it especially that it is in the rain season,” he said.


Meanwhile, Mr. Chisala has appealed to Minister of Agriculture to direct his officials at Matipa depot to offload maize on the island so that people who have the means could start buying the commodity for consumption in order to address the hunger situation.


But Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Luxon Kazabu has indicated that his ministry was awaiting a needs assessment report from the provincial officials before offloading the commodity on the Island.