Airtel Zambia to offer free life insurance with top-ups

Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel

Airtel Zambia in partnership with Focus General Insurance Zambia and MicroEnsure has launched a free life insurance product for customers topping up with ZMK 10 or more per month. Airtel Insurance offers Airtel customers life insurance with benefits increasing based on airtime top-up amounts. Any Airtel customer resident in Zambia of any age and in any region will qualify for cover upon topping up with ZMK 10 or more every month. The Airtel Insurance cover will reward Airtel customers with a monthly renewable life cover based on the amount of airtime topped up. If they increase their monthly top-up amounts, they will earn more insurance cover, up to ZMK 10,000 the following month. Airtel Insurance becomes available in February and will be activated by a simple top up of ZMK 10 or more. The cover earned each month is based on the amount topped up the previous month.


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