Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – GBM Facebook posts

GBM - Lubinda - Willie Nsanda . Photo Credit The Zambian Voice
GBM - Lubinda - Willie Nsanda . Photo Credit The Zambian Voice
I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all the support I received today at Woodlands Police Station. My friends from Opposition Parties MMD, UPND, Independent MPs, leaders of Civil Society Organizations, Students and Youths from various walks of life- to all of you, I want to express my deepest gratitudes. You all made me strong.
Thank You! Thank you very much!

My wife and daughter will appear at 10am tomorrow for interviews and my family shall cooperate with the Police.

Once more, I appeal to our supporters to remain peaceful as you did today. You made me proud!

On behalf of the Mwamba family, I thank all of you!


Good Evening Friends,

As you may all be aware, tomorrow, 10th February 2014, I will report to the Woodlands Police Station at 14:00hrs for the so-called interviews. I remain unshaken about what is likely to follow thereafter and will avail myself as a law-abiding citizen.

Tonight, I remain grateful for the concerns various sections of our society, including political parties, civil society organizations and members of the public, have raised over my persecution.

As you may all be aware, I resigned my position as Defense Minister on a matter of principle and while this has invited opportunistic calls for my resignation, I have resolved not to yield unless I am expelled from PF.

Tonight, I appeal for calm and restraint from my supporters and friends. Let us remember that we have a country whose interests and peace we must safeguard. This is a passing phase and my stance will be vindicated.

God Bless Zambia!

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – GBM
February 8
Dear Colleagues,

I want to say a big thank to each one of you. Because of your support and criticisms, I have learnt a lot and I am a better man and citizen. How I wish there was a way to put all of you in one place and give you a big hug!

I equally thank the residents of Kasama for the support rendered, advice and criticisms rendered. I’m happy that we agree on the need for our unity of purpose, even when we can disagree.

I’m proud to be your own son and servant.

May God Bless Zambia!


  1. He is gone. We all know how dey gt finished on Politcal-Grounds.
    We wish him a safe journey 2 his Origin.