Stray dogs terrorize Chavuma residents

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Stray dogs are said to be terrorizing villagers in Sewe area  situated five kilometres from Chavuma Boma in the North western province.

Sewe ward councilor Gerald Chimuli who has since reported the matter to the local authority and the District Commissioner said the stray dogs are reported to be attacking people in their fields.

Councillor Chimuli said the dogs have instilled a lot fear among farmers and school going children for the past one month.

He claimed that that so far three people have been attacked with one severely bitten while  several chickens in the village eaten by the stray dogs that are said to be more than 10.

The civic leader who said he had 45 of chickens eaten by the dogs has since appealed to the relevant authorities to ensure the dogs are killed before any life is lost.

And when contacted for comment, Chavuma District Council Secretary Handson Kachenjela confirmed that his office had received a report about the stray dogs .

He said his office is working in collaboration with the Zambia Police Service and the Veterinary department to ensure the dogs are killed.

Mr. Kachenjela said he would also engage the traditional leadership in the area before carrying out the execution exercise as the dogs are reported to be outside the council’s area of operation.

He added that the local authority has held a number of sensitization meetings aimed at educating the public on the number of dogs they are supposed to keep stressing that all dogs should be licensed and vaccinated.