Computer assembly plant coming-Sata

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President Micheal Sata says government will through the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority  (ZICTA) spearhead the establishment of a computer assembly plant in Lusaka this year.

President Sata says the plant will create jobs for many Zambians and an availability of affordable low cost computer equipment to the citizens.

Mr. Sata said in his face book message that the plant will bring value addition through the use of some local resources.

The Head of State disclosed that the PF government is focusing on promoting e-commerce and use of Information and communications technology (ICT)
 in trade promotion, establishing e-Government online services and promoting e-education, e-health and e-agriculture.

President Sata said Government is determined to promote universal access to ICT services and products to the people in order to boost job creation and increase productivity in the economy.

He stated that ZICTA has been implementing the “connecting learning institutions project ”that is aimed at establishing computer labs in public learning institutions;  primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions in order to enhance the quality of education in the country.

He disclosed that as of December last year, ZICTA had completed the setting up of computer labs in 47 public colleges and 150 secondary and primary schools.

Mr Sata said it is PF Government’s priority to have computers in schools.

Meanwhile, President Sata said the project of setting up 169 towers to be completed by the end of this year and to cost US$24 million is aimed at providing coverage to un-served chiefdoms and other rural populations.

The Project that will also bring benefits of mobile phone service and other services will create 200, 000 jobs.

Mr. Sata said these projects would contribute significantly to the nation’s  goal of narrowing the digital gap between urban and rural areas and thus stimulate socio – economic growth in the country.