Mulongoti urges President Sata to address the high prices of food

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has appealed to President Micheal Chilufya Sata to intervene on the high prices of food in the country.

Mr. Mulongoti has charged that Zambians are being exploited by being exposed to high prices of food because the majority cannot even afford to have a decent meal in a day.

Mr. Mulongoti who says he is happy that president Sata has come back from his working holiday and he now has to seriously pay attention to issues affecting the people.

The People’s Party president notes that if president Sata fails to address the food prices then he is digging his own grave as it will be difficult for people to trust him back in office.

He explains that Zambia is among the countries that have continued to live in extreme poverty and the high prices of food is negatively affecting the people especially in rural areas.

Mr. Mulongoti has since called on president Sata to urgently address the high prices of food if people are to be saved from hunger.


  1. Idiot!, go sit home!. U jst steal money in da name of Party-Leader, who is even yo suporter who sees sense in Emptness?
    2016, we dont want voter-Confusers!!

  2. Mike must be out of his senses. Those are effects of liberised economy. The only thing govt can try to control is mealie meal on maize from FRA.