Chipimo impressed with peaceful campaings in Katuba

Elias Chipimo
Elias Chipimo
National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo Junior has commended all the political parties taking part in the forthcoming Katuba Parliamentary by-elections for showing maturity during campaigns.

Mr. Chipimo has told QFM News after addressing a rally in Katuba constituency that political parties participating in the by-elections must be commended for conducting peaceful campaigns in Katuba.

Mr. Chipimo states that it will be sad for some politicians to start using youths as tools of violence during campaigns.

He adds that the mood in Katuba is motivating to conduct campaigns because all political parties are abiding by the electoral code of conduct and that campaigns are going on well without confusions.

Mr. Chipimo furthermore adds that it is a good thing that political party leaders and the candidates themselves are talking about peaceful campaigns an indication that even the elections will be peaceful.