UPND’s Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba Responds to George Chellah

United Party for National Development (UPND)
United Party for National Development (UPND)

Press Statement
04th February, 2014

The statement emanating from State House and attributed to President Sata’s Press Aide George Chellah is amateurish and only helps to cement further the speculation that the office of the President of Zambia is trapped in a quagmire of mediocrity.

Typical of an intellectual pygmy, George Chellah has deliberately decided to veer off the main subject of President Hakainde Hichilema’s address to create a side distraction on tribalism, racism and merchant of death.

We have come to a sad realization that it does not matter what national issue we bring to the fore, Mr. Chellah’s response is predictable – tribalism, racism and merchant of death. This is how shallow minded the officers responsible for communication in the President’s office have become!

We wish to put it to Mr. Chellah that the term ‘merchant of death’ best describes his workmates who in the recent past fired nurses, pharmacists and Midwives and caused mayhem at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and other medical facilities nationwide. Queer and morbid best describe his friends who run the Bwinji Mfumu Outfit.

We wish to remind Mr. Chellah that Mr. Sata is a State President whose expenses are paid for by Zambian tax kwachas. That being the case the citizenry are at liberty to find out matters regarding their President including health and holiday matters.

We also wish to put it on record that President Hakainde Hichilema and UPND’s prayer is that Mr. Sata should live long enough to see his electoral defeat in 2016 and thereafter see the economic acceleration that will take place. Clearly this is not a death wish to a competitor as Mr. Chellah alleges. Only a person whose medium of instruction while at Journalism School was in a forced language other than English would misunderstand such a simple prayer.

Finally, our advice is that George Chellah should quickly get back to his sense as he has absconded from quality reasoning for a long time. We urge him to give satisfactory answers to the nation on the following:-

1 Why does Mr. Sata take unannounced holidays each time he attends international meetings?
2 Why do we see the impatience in Mr. Sata’s party on who will succeed him?

Failure to address these long standing concerns will give sleepless nights to ‘frightened political lilliputians’ operating at Plot 1 each time President Hakainde Hichilema speaks.

Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba