Stray lion killed by Itezhi Tezhi farmer ,Sydney Kamano


ONE of the lions that have been terrorising people in Chief Shimbizhi’s area in Itezhi Tezhi has been gunned down.

Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner Roy Na’ngalewa disclosed that a farmer of Muchende Mutuba Farm killed the lion as it charged at him.

Mr Na’ngalewa, who identified the farmer as Sydney Kamano, said he shot the lion as it tried to attack him at his farm last Sunday.

He said the other lion was still on the loose and had continued attacking livestock in the district.

“We are happy that the lion has been gunned down but people are still living in fear as the other one is still out there waiting to attack,” Mr Na’ngalewa said.

He said he was also happy that no human life had been lost to the beast, adding that officers from the Zambia Wildlife Authority had intensified patrols in the area.

Mr Na’ngalewa appealed to the residents of Chief Shimbizhi’s area to avoid moving at night to avoid possible attacks by the wild animal.

The lions, which were spotted in the district last month, have killed a number of goats and pigs and last week attacked a man who escaped death.

Times o Zambia