PF depleting the country’s foreign reserves without zambians knowledge- Fr Bwalya

Fr Frank Bwalya
Fr Frank Bwalya
Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) President Frank Bwalya has expressed fear that the Patriotic Front government may be depleting the country’s foreign reserves without Zambians knowing.

Speaking to Qfm in an interview, Fr. Bwalya notes that the PF government has been overspending since coming to power on things such as induced by-elections.

Fr. Bwalya says the Patriotic Front government has not saved any money but has continued to overspend in addition to contracting loans without realizing that such loans will have to be paid back with interest.

Fr. Bwalya has since implored the Zambian people to begin to hold the government accountable on how they are spending the money that the country is making.

He says Zambians should also remind the PF government to fulfill the promises they made to grow the economy.