Limata urges public workers to embrace each other, work as a team

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Western province Minister Josephine Limata has called on civil servants in Senanga district to exercise peace and love among themselves as they conduct their duties.


Ms Limata said if civil servants will not embrace each other and work as a unity there will not be development in the district because people will be divided.


She pointed out that civil servants should remember that they are Christians who should forgive and forget, adding that everyone should start a new page in 2014 and forget about the past.


The minister also warned the workers to avoid gossiping but have unity among themselves and advise one another when the other one is not doing the right thing.


Ms Limata gave this advice in Senanga yesterday when she addressed Heads of government departments in the Council Chamber.


Meanwhile, Senanga District Commissioner, Beatrice Simasiku has commended the government for the massive development projects being undertaken in Senanga district.


Ms Simasiku cited the construction of Senanga Nursing School and Kaunga- Lueti bridge across Lueti river as some of the projects that will benefit the local community.


She said the Senanga Nursing school once completed will reduce the number of the unemployed youths in the district while the completion of the Kaunga-Lueti bridge will easy movements for the people in the Nalolo plains.


The District Commissioner however, bemoaned the poor road network in the district, a situation she said was a big challenge for health personnel to reach the peripheral of the district especially during the rainy season but the provincial minister assured her that government is doing everything possible to improve the road network so that all areas can be accessed.


And Ms Limata has commended China Henan International Corporation Group Company Limited constructing the Sioma-Maziba bay bridge across the Zambezi river for employing over 70 local people and that at the peak of the works an additional 300 more people will again be employed resulting in more money in people’s pockets in the district.


Ms Limata said the K79 million bridge which commenced in May 2013 will enable the entire province connected to Southern province and will easy transportation of goods and services in the province.


The provincial minister said this when she inspected the Sioma-Maziba bay bridge that is earmarked for completion by December 31, 2015 and other government projects in the district.


Ms Limata said the PF government is in a hurry and on course to change the face of the Western province so that those PF critics in the province are shamed.