Four countries eye Zambia

Wylbur Simuusa
Wylbur Simuusa

THE Government has disclosed that four countries from various parts of the globe have expressed interest in investing in Zambia’s agriculture and construction sectors.

Foreign Affairs Minister Wylbur Simuusa said in an interview that investors from Spain, Venezuela, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (UK) have pledged to invest in Zambia owing to the country’s conducive investment environment.

Mr Simuusa said the investors have spoken highly of Zambia’s potential to attract investment in sectors and that Government has continued to strengthen bilateral relations.

“Government has held talks with Spain, New Zealand, Venezuela and the UK with whom it will strengthen bilateral relations and we have also managed to convince them to come and invest in Zambia.

“All the countries have been specific in pledging to help us develop the agriculture and construction sectors, among others,” Mr Simuusa added.

He said the Government was utilising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance intra-country trade through strengthening of bilateral relations.

Mr Simuusa said this was important because it would guarantee economic development and push Zambia’s prosperity agenda forward.

And in a related development, Mr Simuusa has said Zambia is currently in talks with several Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) countries aimed at improving cross border and intra-country trade.

Government had opened dialogue with Angola and Burundi, among others, with the aim of improving trade.

“We are talking to Angola and Burundi over ways to improve trade because business is relevant for the economic growth of any country,” Mr Simuusa said.